Nikon SB-900 AF Speedlight (Flash) User Manual, Instruction Manual, User Guide (PDF)

Free Download Nikon SB-900 PDF User Manual, User Guide, Instructions, Nikon SB-900 Owner's Manual.

The high-performance Nikon SB-900 AF Speedlight (Flash) offers a powerful guide number of 48 meters/157.5 feet (ISO 200) and an incredible array of creative flash functions. It provides a wide 17-200 mm auto zoom range, the flash head tilts down to -7 degrees or up to 90 degrees with rotates horizontally 180 degrees to the left and right, elevates creative lighting freedom.

The SB-900 can work as a stand-alone flash, or you can use it as a commander or wireless remote light source. The i-TTL system in this flash supports Advanced Wireless Lighting and versatile functions for up to four groups of Speedlights, with 3 remote i-TTL Speedlight groups controlled through the master SB-900. i-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash flash control employs Nikon's Advanced Data Communication system. This system provides an improved method for the monitor pre-flash and wireless operation that marks an evolution in higher precision over Nikon's acclaimed D-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash control system, and forms the core of the Creative Lighting System.

The SB-900 has an improved booster circuit for high-speed recycle time of 2.2 seconds. It serves as the new core for the Nikon Creative Lighting System when used in combination with current Nikon digital SLRs, and it supports Advanced Wireless Lighting as a master or a remote Speedlight, inviting photographers to explore the many creative possibilities.

Nikon SB-900 AF Speedlight (Flash) Manual

Nikon SB-900 Key Features:

  • Guide number of 34 m/111.5 ft. (at ISO 100, 35mm zoom head position, in FX format, standard illumination pattern, 20°C/68°F) to 48 m/157.5 ft. (at ISO 200, 35mm zoom head position, in FX format, standard illumination pattern, 20°C/68°F)
  • 17-200mm auto zoom range (FX format, automatic mode)
  • Three illumination patterns (standard, center-weighted and even) are available to match each shooting environment
  • Automatically detects Nikon FX and Nikon DX formats and selects suitable light distribution
  • 2.2 seconds high-speed recycle time
  • New AF-Assist illumination covers a wide 20-105 mm focal range compatible with the new Multi-CAM3500 FX/DX AF sensor
  • Thermal Cut-out function limits the number of flashes to avoid deterioration of light emitting parts caused by continuous flash firing
  • Automatically detects color filters (fluorescent or incandescent), enabling camera to control color temperature according to filter information from SB-900
  • Improved switch panel for enhanced usability
  • large-size LCD dot panel
  • Bounce capability: tilts up to 90º, down to -7º, rotates horizontally 180º to right and left
  • Advanced Wireless Lighting and versatile functions for up to three remote groups of SB-900s or other compatible Speedlight controlled through the master SB-900

Nikon SB-900 PDF User Manual / Owner’s Manual / User Guide offers information and instructions how to operate the SB-900, include Quick Start Guide, Basic Operations, Advanced Guide, Menu Functions, Custom Settings, Troubleshooting & Specifications of Nikon SB-900.

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