Sigma DP2 Merrill Camera User Manual, Instruction Manual, User Guide (PDF)


Sigma DP2 Merrill PDF User Manual (Owner's Manual, User Guide) offers information and instructions how to operate the DP2 Merrill, include Quick Start Guide, Basic Operations, Advanced Guide, Menu Functions, Custom Settings, Troubleshooting & Specifications of DP2 Merrill. You can download the Sigma DP2 Merrill Instruction Manual in PDF format for free on this post.

Sigma DP2 Merrill (DP2m) high-end compact camera equipped with a APS-C full-color Foveon X3 direct image sensor incorporates 46 effective megapixels. This sensor captures all primary RGB colors at each and every pixel location with 3 layers, ensuring the capture of full and complete color. Since color moiré is not generated, the use of a low-pass filter is not required, meaning light and color are captured by the full-color X3 Merrill sensor with a three-dimensional feel.

The high-performance 30mm (equivalent to a 45mm lens on a 35mm camera) F/2.8 fixed lens ensuring sharp, high contrast image quality. DP2 Merrill's dual "TRUE (Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine) II" image processing engine dedicated to Foveon X3 direct image sensors improves the processing speed and overall quality of the final image.

Other highlights include 3-inch 920k-dots high-resolution LCD screen, 4fps continuous shooting, custom Quick Set (QS) menu, Manual Focus and AF+MF mode.

Sigma DP2 Merrill

Sigma DP2 Merrill (DP2m) Key Features:

  • 46 Megapixel Foveon X3 Direct Image sensor
  • Dual three-layer responsive ultimate (TRUE II) engine
  • 30mm (45mm equivalent) f/2.8 Lens
  • Manual Focus
  • 3.0" 920k-dots LCD monitor
  • Records JPEG & RAW Files
  • Built-in Hot Shoe

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Sigma DP2 Merrill (DP2m) User Manual (PDF) - English

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